Stone Range

A small selection of our range... There isn't a stone we can't source for you.

We supply and install a range of stone surfaces including Marble, Granite, Quartz, Slate and Sintered Stone in a vast array of colours.

We can source all stone available on the market, so if you can't find what you're looking for get in touch with us to talk about your requirements.

Marble Range.

Marble is a truly spectacular stone and that comes in varying colours and patterns. As it is formed by nature, each piece is unique. The veins that naturally run through the marble will vary from one piece to another depending on how it has formed.

Marble can be used in most places in the home, from countertops to sinks, from flooring to fireplaces. Bring it into your home to create a feeling of luxury and style.

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Quartz Range.

Quartz is one of the strongest materials in our range. We supply Quartz in over 500 colours in 3 types of finish. Our Quartz is supplied with between 15-25 year warranties and is practically maintenance-free.

You can choose from an extensive range of colours and textures from a sleek, contemporary look to a classic, traditional or rustic style.

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Granite Range.

Granite is available in many beautiful, naturally occurring colours, from pink and grey, through to blue, brown and black. It is naturally rough, but it is polished into a smooth and shiny finish.

Granite is hard-wearing, practical and hygienic and it is also highly resistant to heat, marking and weathering.

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Semi-Precious Stone Range.

Our skilled team are capable of creating the most beautiful countertops, kitchen & bathroom fittings and feature walls in a range of semi-precious materials. Semi-precious stone surfaces always look stunning.

Due to the nature of the stone, they will pick up colours and light and you can even choose to backlight the stone.

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Limestone & Travertine Range.

Limestone is a beautiful material that can be used to create a number of elements in your home.

Travertine is a sedimentary rock, it is a type of Limestone, but it is at a different stage of development.

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Sintered Stone Range.

Sintered stone is fused and compressed under high pressure and heat to create a solid slab material.

It is hard-wearing, practical, hygienic and highly resistant to heat and marking.

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