Semi Precious Stone

For those who want to add a touch of the spectacular

If you are dreaming of something special, our skilled team are capable of creating the most beautiful countertops, bathroom fittings and feature walls in a range of semi-precious materials.

Semi-precious stone surfaces always look stunning. Due to the nature of the stone, they will pick up colours and light and you can even choose to backlight the stone.

Where can Semi-Precious Stone be used?

  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Wall Coverings
  • Vanity Tops
  • Shower Rooms
  • Desks
  • Staircases
  • Reception
  • Counters
  • Sinks and Trough Basins
  • Fireplaces
  • BBQ Tops

Why is this so special?

Because these surfaces are created by nature, no two surfaces are ever the same. Some are flecked with fossils and others contain stones in different shades of colour, this means that the light passing through will naturally diffuse differently across the surface should you wish to add backlighting.

Why work with us?

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of our clients to the last detail, we will work with you from the planning stage right through to completion to make sure you pick out the material that is right for you.

Our Range

If you would like to see the types of Semi-Precious Stone we offer, take a look at our swatches page.