Outdoor Stone Kitchens in Kent

Bespoke stone for outdoor kitchens & dining

Outdoor Stone Kitchens & Dining in Kent

We’ve spent many years working with clients in and around the Kent area to develop stunning stone creations to transform their gardens. Adding high-quality features using our bespoke stone designs to your outdoor space can create a beautiful setting for you to enjoy regardless of the season. From outdoor kitchen islands to stone benches, Marble 2 Marvel can deliver the garden transformation of your dreams.

Kitchen Islands & Worktops in Kent

Creating a modern outdoor area is becoming a common trend. Choosing to invest in one of our outdoor Granite, Marble or Quartz kitchens means your outdoor stone kitchen will still blow the socks off your friends and family several years down the line. A Marble 2 Marvel stone worktop or kitchen island is tailor-made for your personal taste and will enhance your garden in the most stunning way. Regardless of your preferences – modern or traditional - we can promise we have a stone appropriate for your outdoor kitchen transformation.

Please get in touch or read our case study to find out more about kitchen islands & worktops.

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Bespoke Stone Outdoor Dining in Kent

Do you want to have an outdoor dining space that makes you happy every time you look out of the window? Our gorgeous stone creates a touch of luxury and lasts much longer than other, cheaper materials. We can craft you a beautiful outdoor stone table and bench that you will still enjoy in years to come. Regardless of the feature, you desire, whether it’s a bespoke firepit or stone water feature, Marble 2 Marvel can help you make the most of your outdoor dining experience.

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