Residential Stone Bathrooms in Hastings

Beautiful Stone Bathrooms in Hastings

Bespoke Stone Bathrooms in Hastings

Are you envisioning a personalised stone bathroom for your Hastings home? Look no further. Our speciality lies in crafting exquisite bespoke stone bathroom features tailored to meet your desires in Hastings and beyond. Imagine a luxurious sanctuary within your home, a space meticulously designed for your relaxation.

Stone Baths & Bath Surrounds

Elevate your bathroom to a realm of opulence and sophistication with a custom-crafted stone bath from Marble2Marvel. Whether it's a gracefully curved bath or a seamlessly integrated bath surround, we're dedicated to breathing life into your vision with unmatched precision and artistry. Let us transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of luxury and style.

Quartz & Granite Shower Trays

Enhance your bathroom to an oasis of opulence with a stone-wet room from Marble2Marvel. Choosing resilient materials like Quartz or specially treated Granite ensures a lasting, exquisite allure for your space. Incorporating a quartz shower tray seamlessly blends functionality with unparalleled elegance, offering a luxurious and enduring addition to your bathroom's ambience.

Custom Stone Sinks & Trough Basins

We craft tailor-made stone sinks for clients throughout Hastings. Every sink we create is meticulously crafted to perfectly suit your space and style preferences. Whether you desire a freestanding stone bowl exuding individuality or a sleek trough sink adding a touch of sophistication, our designs seamlessly complement and harmonise with your surroundings.

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Countertops, Vanity Tops & Feature Walls

Stone countertops have the transformative power to redefine your space, boasting inherent durability that makes them a savvy investment choice. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these countertops radiate sophistication and elegance, adding intrinsic value to your bathroom.

At Marble2Marvel, we understand that beauty shouldn't have an extravagant price tag. That's why we offer an affordable solution for those with a limited budget. By leveraging available offcuts at reduced prices, we craft bespoke stone vanity tops tailored to your budget without compromising on quality or style.

Why work with us?

We boast a dedicated team of in-house designers, skilled stonemasons, and experienced fitters who oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring meticulous attention and expertise throughout.

Our dedication to excellence starts with selecting only the finest stone. This commitment ensures your project not only looks stunning but also endures, showcasing timeless beauty and functionality.

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Are you ready to bring your dream bathroom to life? Let us transform your vision into a stunning reality.