• 2nd of October 2019
  • Read time: 5 minutes

The Beauty Of Silestone

90% natural quartz, Silestone is a compound that is extraordinarily hard and robust, making it the ideal material for kitchen worktops. But why choose it over granite and other common worktop materials?


Silestone is naturally non-porous making it the better material for resisting spills and stains. On the other hand, porous stones, such as the popular granite, must be sealed so that it offers the protection needed for a bacteria-free countertop. While this isn’t a huge issue if you want complete maintenance free then Silestone is the winner


Silestone wins this round too but only just. Granite contains a crystalline material, allowing for fissures and small gaps in its composition. It does resist cracking and chipping, but it just isn’t as strong as Silestone. Even if you think that it won’t come under that much strain – why take the chance?


For some people, the appeal of grain in wood or the natural markings of granite is what attracts them. Silestone is more processed and refined but this doesn’t mean it is devoid of markings and character. It is a natural material but refined in such a way that its impact is far more subtle and gentle in the kitchen. For some people, this is exactly what they want from their countertops. We will call this one a draw as its personal opinion!

A Consistent Finish

Some customers prefer the appeal of Silestone because they felt they got a more consistent and uniform finish. Of course, this may not be the appeal to you, but they wanted worktops in their new kitchen that pulled the design together and Silestone worktops were the cohesive element.

Choosing the Best Silestone Product

Silestone quartz is a natural product and there is no doubt that with this material, you ‘get what you pay for’. Be wary of low quotes as this means a low-grade product. Steer clear of non-brand products too as their pedigree is unlikely to be verified.

Look beyond high street or online kitchen retailers and consider using a local stonemason or specialist such as us. This way, you get excellent craftsmanship and installation, and you also get a chance to examine the product in its raw form. A small piece of Silestone Quartz in a showroom is no match for seeing a larger slab, with its sparkle and finish.

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