• 27th of October 2021
  • Read time: 6 minutes

How to Mix & Match Stone in your Kitchen

Stone kitchen countertops effortlessly bring a sense of style and luxury to your kitchen. We have put together some ideas below to guide you on how to mix & match stone features in your kitchen.

If you are planning your kitchen renovation, you might find it difficult to choose from the vast range of stone available for your new kitchen countertops. Luckily, with the right guidance, you can mix and match materials for a spectacular effect. Engineered materials like quartz can be mixed with natural stone like granite, marble or travertine. You can even integrate wooden worktops with stone features like a kitchen island or splashback.

Choose a practical material

A kitchen should be beautiful, but it also needs to be practical. It is an area of the home that is used daily and it needs to stand the test of time and look as good in 10 years as it does today. Granite, marble and quartz can all be used in different areas of the kitchen.

Marble is great for bakers as it stays cool so it's good for kneading dough. Quartz is incredibly tough, hygienic and resistant to staining so it's perfect as a countertop material around high use areas such as sinks and cookers. Granite is highly resistant to heat and weathering so it's often used as a kitchen splashback. If you have an idea of the colour scheme and style you would like, we can guide you through the process of choosing the right stone so that your finished kitchen will be exactly how you imagined it.

Create a statement island

Too many patterns in a kitchen can have an overwhelming effect, but you can choose simple countertops and add a statement island for an instant wow factor. The Sensa granite kitchen island above is a great example of how you can use a show stopping stone to create a dramatic feature in the centre of your kitchen. When well balanced against a neutral or muted colour scheme the focal point will be the kitchen island.

If lots of colours aren't your thing, you can still add a statement island to your kitchen that is understated, classic and elegant like this beautifully veined white kitchen island.

Choose a contrasting splashback

A simple and easy way to introduce two different types of stone into your kitchen is to add kitchen worktops with a contrasting splashback. This Sensa granite splashback and quartz countertop combo is a great example of how to do this. As the countertop is made from quartz, it's better suited for heavy use, hardwearing and highly resistant to staining and scratching. As it's a uniform colour, it perfectly complements the beautiful patterned granite backdrop.

Although it can be tempting to choose more than one pattern for your kitchen countertops and islands, it can be very easy for these to clash if they aren't carefully considered.

Work with a trusted stone supplier

When you work with Marble2Marvel, we will help you to choose the perfect stone to suit your kitchen for the desired style and functionality. Our lead designer will work with you from the start, from choosing the stone right through to fitting the finished worktops into your kitchen.

As an independent company running a small and skilled workforce, we can guarantee the very highest levels of workmanship throughout the process.