• 13th of March 2023
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Combined Quartz & Marble Bathrooms

A bespoke stone bathroom will always look spectacular. It has an ambient and inviting appeal with a touch of spa-like luxury. But there are so many choices of stone to choose from, marble, granite, quartz, sintered stone and more. So with so many choices, why pick just one?

Marble & Quartz Bathrooms

Marble is a beautiful stone that has been formed by nature over millions of years, every piece is unique. The naturally occurring veining that runs through the stone is a beautiful feature that works well when combined with a neutral stone.

You can choose to mix and match this beautiful stone with other materials to create a bathroom that's beautiful, functional, and truly bespoke.

Recently we had the pleasure of working with a client that wanted to do just that. They combined a dark marble with stunning veining running with an off-white quartz to create their new bespoke bathroom.

The stone was seamlessly integrated with the bathroom features and the effect was breathtaking. Elements were integrated into the bathroom design such as hidden beam lighting and spotlights which perfectly highlighted the features of the stone.

When designing a bathroom of this calibre, the devil is in the details. By considering every element of the design; layout, lighting, features and more, you can ensure a feeling of superior style and opulence.

What is the process?

If you are dreaming of soaking the stresses away at the end of a long hard day, we can help! We have worked with clients throughout South East England to design and build the bathroom of their dreams.

We work closely with our clients so that every step of the process is carefully planned. Our lead designer will take into consideration every element of your bathroom redesign so that nothing is overlooked.

We can also give you the option of going to see the slabs in person so you can handpick the one you like best before we start the work of crafting it into your new bespoke bathroom.

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Is it time to transform your bathroom?

Do you want to transform your Bathroom using Quartz & Marble? We transform bathrooms throughout South East England, including London, East Sussex, Hastings, Kent and Surrey.