Royal Albert Hall

Our client approached us for a Backlit Bar for a spectacular effect.

Coda Restaurant Royal Albert Hall

Project: To create a backlit bar surround for a restaurant.

Location: Coda Restaurant, Royal Albert Hall

From Enquiry to Completion: 5 Months

Special Requirements: A specialist stone that can be backlit to show the features of the stone.

Why were we approached?

We have worked on a previous project at the Royal Albert Hall, so the client felt confident in our expertise. The client had been appointed for the joinery work and commissioned Marble 2 Marvel for the Marble Onyx.

The specification was for a bar clad in Booked Matched Onyx that was suitable for backlighting. We worked extensively on finding a suitable stone in terms of the colour, pattern, quality and sizeof slabs.

How did we meet the clients requirements?

We sourced a number of different materials, providing high definition photographs to the client. When one was approved, we showed images of how it would look, with and without backlighting. We supplied marked drawings and corresponding photographs of the actual slabs to simulate the positioning on the bar.

A mild steel frame was made by the client to hold the onyx. Technical consultation took place between ourselves and the client regarding joints and fitting of the stone and frame to make sure the fit was perfect.

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