Quartz Outdoor Table & BBQ/Pizza Oven Top

This client wanted a Quartz Outdoor Table and a BBQ/Pizza Oven Countertop so they could enjoy eating outside during the warm weather.

Quartz Outdoor Table & Oven Countertop

Project: Bespoke 80mm Quartz Outdoor Table & BBQ/Pizza Oven Countertop

Special Features: 80mm mitred edge, which gives the appearance of a solid piece

Location: Battle

Client: Residential

Date of Instillation: August 2020

Why were we approached?

The client had seen a photo online of a garden table that he wanted us to quote for. He initially wanted a natural material such as a limestone, to achieve the specification of a 1 metre x 2.5 metre table for his BBQ/ Pizza Oven Outdoor Kitchen.

He needed it to be durable for external use, without it needing to be covered. We began the consultation process by understanding the client’s need, in terms of aesthetics, practicability and cost. We then carried out a site survey to assess access.

What did they choose?

The process involved sourcing and quoting for a solid limestone table, for which the solid block would have had to be imported from Italy during the Covid19 lockdown.

We then suggested an alternative material: Caesarstone Airy Concrete Quartz. This not only met the client’s expectation for the overall natural look but would be much more durable as a garden table and the lead time for completion would be significantly shorter.

We presented an alternative design from an 80mm solid material to an 80mm mitred edge, which gives the appearance of a solid piece. This reduced the weight significantly and meant a considerable cost saving for the delivery and fabrication.

The client loved the material very much and added a BBQ countertop to match.

"We have just had an outdoor table top installed on our patio to complete our new pizza oven and BBQ area, and I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Marble 2 Marvel. Everything went completely smoothly all the way through from selection of material to its installation. I had originally opted for a more expensive material but was advised that this would be impractical and instead went with the advice offered by Avi and Stella. The lead time was impressively short and delivery/installation flawless despite the weight and size of the top. The final product has helped to transform our garden and our summer... Thank you Marble 2 Marvel!"

Jon Goldhill

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