Orinoco Granite Kitchen Features

This client wanted a beautiful Granite kitchen island, countertop and splashback to complement the interior of this beautiful Grade 11 listed Priory.

Stunning Orinoco Granite Kitchen Features in Priory Renovation

Project: Bespoke Kitchen Island, Countertop and Splashback

Client: Renovate Works Ltd

Location: Hastings

Designed By: Mark Bartlett (professional listed kitchen designer)

Date of Instillation: August 2020

Why were we approached?

Mark Bartlett from Renovate Works Ltd was renovating a beautiful, ancient Grade 11 listed Priory for a client. He was looking to source bespoke stone kitchen features to work in perfect symbiosis with the stunning surroundings.

Mark arranged a consultation with us so his client could view and choose their material. With his keen eye for design, he was able to envisage the choice made by the client to ensure it would fit his vision for the project.

What did they choose?

Mark's client chose an impressive Gold, Copper and Black patterned Sensa granite to complement the interior of this ancient and beautiful Grade 11 listed Priory. The new kitchen was designed to not touch the Gothic architectural aspects of the room.

We spent some time looking for an additional slab to match the one that was viewed at our premises, to complete all the surfaces required.

A large Island 2800mm x 1200mm x 30mm was needed with a hob, sink and tap cut outs and drainer grooves included. A matching windowsill was added. Our client requested a book matched 1000mm x 800mm Splashback and Worktop which gave an aesthetically balanced and practical finish to the room.

A 1810 Copper Sink and a Metallic Black and Copper Tap were incorporated into the design to mirror the copper in the granite.

Orinoco is a challenging material to work with. Forged by nature, it has a lot of variation in the rigidity of the slab which make it very hard to achieve a precise and straight edge. Our stone mason’s experience and skill were key to creating a perfect edge.

Orinoco Sensa by Cosentino has a protective treatment which makes the surfaces very durable and comes with a 15 year warranty.

"Marble 2 Marvel have been my “go to” stone company for 15 years now. Whenever I am designing a specialist kitchen, I rely on their stone expertise for the surfaces and will take my client to their workshop to view slabs and collaborate on the technical and design aspects."

Mark Bartlett - Renovate Works Ltd

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