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This client wanted Calacatta Gold Quartz Kitchen Surfaces and a Statement Piece Island.

Quartz Kitchen Surfaces & Statement Island

Project: Calcutta Gold Quartz Kitchen Surfaces & a Statement Piece Island.

Special Features: Ogee & Bullnose double profile edging.

Location: Ashford

Client: Collins Bespoke Handmade Kitchens

Date of Instillation: April 2019

Why were we approached?

Our client wanted something special as a finish to their stunning handmade units. We worked closely with the client for four months and provided six different quotations for custom worktops and edging options. Our quotation options covered different marble look quartz materials, different profile edges such as mitred and pencil edges and various tweaks to the dimensions in the design plan.

What did they choose?

The client chose a beautiful Calacatta Gold Classic Quartz surface in 30mm thickness. To add a statement, they decided on a double profile edge to the island with an ogee over a bullnose edge making 60mm thick.

What else did we create?

We also created three work-surface runs, a larder piece, Two polished sink cut outs, Two sets of drainer grooves, a hob cut out, 100mm high upstands, a shelf and three windowsills.

The Installation required extra manpower due to the size and weight of the island.

The results of this project were gorgeous!

If you would like to hear more about the project, please take a look at this blog from Collins Bespoke!