Bespoke Quartz Worktops & Splashback

Having collaborated with Jack Morris on numerous projects in the past, we were thrilled when they approached us to join forces once again, this time for the creation of this breathtaking kitchen.

Bespoke Quartz Worktops & Splashback

Client: Jack Morris Bespoke - Commercial

Project Duration: 10 Days from delivery to instillation

Stone supplier: Compac

Material: 20mm Petra Estramoz Quartz

Photography: Danielle Sapphire Woolley

Kitchen Design: Jack Morris

Why were we approached?

Jack Morris Bespoke specialise in crafting beautiful interiors. They have a passion for designing and building stunning interiors that exude elegance and sophistication. Having worked with Jack Morris many times before, we were delighted to be entrusted with another collaboration. This project served as another opportunity to merge our expertise with their visionary designs, creating a space that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetic allure.

Were there any challenges?

The client chose a material called terrazzo almost a year in advance so we sourced the stone to suit the client specifications.

We are committed to delivering services that guarantee our clients' long-term satisfaction, prioritising the durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of the materials used. After a thorough assessment, we came to the conclusion that the selected material might not fully meet our high standards in ensuring lasting satisfaction for our clients.

How did we meet the clients requirements?

We promptly notified our client and initiated the quest for an alternative solution. Our primary focus was on the stone's quality, while simultaneously acknowledging our client's strong preference for retaining the traditional terrazzo appearance.

After thorough exploration, we discovered a terrazzo option from Compac that met diverse application needs, spanning from outdoor spaces to countertops and bathrooms. Following the delivery of various samples for their consideration, our client opted for the 20mm Petra Estremoz variant.

What was the finished result?

After finalising the material selection, we promptly arranged for templating to commence and immediately initiated the manufacturing process upon its arrival. The worktop installation commenced within just 2 weeks after the material delivery. Ensuring a seamless customer experience aligns closely with our core values, and minimizing delays was our priority. As soon as manufacturing wrapped up, our team swiftly installed the worktops, upholding our commitment to delivering high-quality results.

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