Bespoke Quartz Dining Table

This returning client approached to design and create a bespoke quartz dining table for her home.

Bespoke Quartz Dining Table

Project: Bespoke Quartz Dining Table

Client: Residential

Project Duration: 1 week (from design to fabrication)

Stone : Tahiti CQ Quartz

Why were we approached?

This returning client approached M2M seeking guidance on designing and fitting a custom dining room table, as her current square table was too small for her to accommodate 8 people.

Our principal designer engaged in a consultation, exploring multiple options. We conceptualised and presented visual designs to the client, enabling her to envision how the table would fit within her available room space.

Two distinct designs were developed – one featuring a circular top and the other an elliptical top, both supported by an octagonal base.

Were there any special features?

The design & creation of this table required skill and precision down to the millimeter. 8 identical pieces were cut, ensuring accurate length and angle. These pieces were meticulously assembled to form a flawless octagon, where every element fit together seamlessly.

The importance of precision in the initial preparation phase cannot be overstated; it played a pivotal role in streamlining this intricate task. A precise formation was crafted to securely adhere the pieces together. We utilised our technical expertise to bring the customer's vision to life with remarkable accuracy and execution.

How did we meet the clients requirements?

During a site visit, our director noticed that the interior design prominently featured curved profiles. It became evident that a square table wouldn't be the most space-efficient solution, given the room's design. As a result, the client opted for a circular table.

Various material options were presented to the client at our showroom, and a 30mm Tahiti CQ Quartz was selected.

The final piece

The table was crafted to comfortably accommodate eight chairs, offering ample space for the client's guests. The octagonal base added a unique and original touch to the design. The table's overhang was thoughtfully designed to allow chairs to be neatly tucked in when not in use while also meeting safety requirements.

The M2M team expertly installed the table on-site. The fusion of technical precision, practicality, and aesthetics culminated in the creation of this exquisite table.

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