Bespoke Backlit Home Cinema Bar

Our client Hastingford Developments specialises in high-end projects. They designed a breathtaking backlit bar and collaborated closely with us to achieve a truly stunning outcome.

Bespoke backlit home cinema bar

Project: Backlit Marble Bar

Client: Hastingford Developments - Commercial

Project Duration: 3 weeks (from order to completion)

Stone Supplier: Sonic Stone

Why were we approached?

We were approached by Hastingford Developments, a company specialising in high-end bespoke projects. Their client wanted to build a beautiful backlit bar for their home. Hastingsford Developments designed a breathtaking backlit bar and collaborated closely with us to achieve a truly stunning outcome.

Were there any special features?

The stone had to possess the dual quality of being able to be backlit while also serving as a captivating feature in the space when unlit. We crafted a backlit bar using top-tier natural stone, ensuring it maintained its spectacular appearance even without illumination.

How did we meet the clients requirements?

Extensive technical discussions took place between our client and our team to ensure that the stone's structural integrity could meet the bar's requirements. Technical drawings were meticulously crafted to outline the precise positioning of the stone above the lighting, and finer details were solidified during the templating process. It's worth noting that the stone had certain limitations due to the nature of the marble's structure, which were carefully factored into the installation approach.

The primary challenge lay in locating the perfect stone for backlighting, one that encompassed the right color, size, and quality. The client visited our supplier and opted for a 30mm Australis marble from the available options. Additionally, the client requested a kitchenette behind the bar, which, though unlit, served to connect the entire area and create a cohesive look within the space.

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