Classic Italian Marble for Renovation of 14th Century Grade 11 listed Monastery

We were approached by Alex MacArthur Interiors who wanted Marble features for their 14th Century Monastery renovation in Rye. These pieces had to be in perfect symbiosis with their surroundings.

Marble Pieces for Alex MacArthur Interiors

Material: Calacatta Viola Extra Marble and Calacatta Viola Monet Marble

Project: Two block sinks, long trough sink, shower tray, shower walls, console tables, furniture worktop

Special Features: Stone honing to create an antique look and feel

Location: East Sussex

Client: Alex MacArthur Interiors - Commercial Interior Designer and Antiques Dealer

Project Duration: 6 months from initial consultation to completion

Process & Client Specification

Our client’s project was a renovation of The Austin Friar’s Monastery which was an abandoned Grade 11 listed building in the middle of the Citadel of Rye. They required stone that was fitting for this unique building, to be used to display their antique pieces and also as a stunning wedding venue.

The bespoke pieces required were one trough sink at over 2 metres long incorporating 2 sinks, another smaller bespoke trough sink, 2 console tables, a countertop, shower tray and shower surround.

The client had originally selected a rose pink marble. We arranged for them to view the slabs at one of our London suppliers - The Marble & Granite Centre Ltd; it was there that they were drawn towards an alternative material, a traditional Italian marble called Calacatta Viola Extra and Calacatta Viola Monet. This marble has a dramatic veining, resembling ice on a background of purple sea.

The slabs available at this supplier were not large enough to accommodate the pieces required so we arranged for them to visit another of our suppliers. In consultation with our designer, it was there that they found the correct size slabs.

A site visit was arranged, where the space was assessed and then the design process started for each piece.

Special Features and Stone Specifications

The marble slabs had a polished finish, but the client required a more aged appearance, so we honed each slab individually in our workshop.

The fabrication of each piece required skill and dedicated attention. The 20mm slabs were cut and mitred to create the illusion of 300mm solid trough sinks and each piece utilised the slab to its maximum whilst not compromising on the aesthetics. The sinks needed to be coated with a waterproof mesh and drying time between each process had to be factored in.

This project required a cooperative approach, involving a good working relationship with our client and related trades. We liaised with the carpenter and metal worker, to ensure there was a coordinated process and a good fit and support for the sinks, shower walls and shower tray.

End Result

The marriage of the brass frame for the sinks created 2 unique pieces, that are functional works of art. The countertop was used to renovate a French antique display case. The sinks, shower walls and tray created a luxurious area for guest wedding preparations.

The tight time frame for finishing each piece, in time for a wedding that was to take place at the end of October, was met. Our fitters completed the installations over 3 days, with skill and precision.

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